24 Months

For a 2-year staking period with a 1% annual APR and a 50% penalty, you can expect to earn a total of 2% interest on your staked ABRAR tokens over the entire period. This is because the 1% APR is compounded annually, so after two years, you will earn 1% interest for each year.

While a 1% APR may seem low, it is important to remember that staking is a long-term investment strategy. By locking up your tokens and contributing to the security and stability of the ABRAR network, you are helping to ensure its success in the long run. Additionally, with the growing demand for ABRAR and the potential for its value to increase significantly, your staked tokens could ultimately be worth much more than their initial value.

Smart Contract


APY 1%
Penalization 50%
Maturity 720 days
Minimum ABRAR 100000


Stake amounts (ABRAR)